M-PRO to take on distribution of Pulse-Eight for Be(Ne)Lux, Germany & Austria from Febr. 2023


M-PRO appointed as TYBA distribution partner for BeNeLux, Germany and Austria (01-05-2022)

Black Nova

M-PRO appointed as Black Nova distribution partner for BeNeLux, Germany and Austria (01-12-2021)

Gallo Acoustics

M-PRO takes on distribution for Gallo Acoustics for the BeNeLux Region (01-09-2021)

Control4 Home Automation Solutions for a personalized experience

Control4 offers the ultimate home automation solution by making the electronic components and systems you already use on a daily basis work together, seamlessly. By integrating everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security—even smartphones and tablets—Control4 creates personalized experiences that enhance your life and work with added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind

GARVAN Acoustic – Art and Passion for Sound

Driven by a great passion for sound, Garvan offers high quality speakers that are truly Italian in concept, design and manufacturing.  Made in Italy by using top quality materials and by placing equal importance on acoustics and design. Garvan also means customization of speakers with a view to meeting even the most specific and unique…

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